Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reason #126 I Love Living in Utah

We took our annual leaves-changing-colors trip a little too early this year. We chose to drive up Millcreek Canyon this time, which though we used to cross-country ski up Millcreek (back before the blown out knee), we've never done a leaf trip that direction. Despite jumping the gun a bit, September 26 still proved to be a fine day to be outside, in Utah, in the mountains.

I often wonder if the light during fall reminds other people of my generation of the filmstrips (or films) that we watched in elementary school. There was something about the quality of the film that seemed to make the light somewhat softer and more shadowed.

Anyway, the light on September 26 in Millcreek Canyon reminded me of films from elementary school, and for some reason I found that very comforting.