Thursday, April 4, 2013


Now available!

I am excited to report that CLOCKWORK was chosen for the Nook First program, which means that Barnes and Noble will be giving it a little extra promotional oomph. All of my books are labors of love, but this story has wanted to be told for a long time. Maybe even for a couple hundred years.


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In 2184 New Chicago, Kally Bright lives in a world where the government controls everything from love to time. She, like those around her, has never known personal freedom.

Her one bit of freedom is a secret from most. Obsessed with time and trying to gain some control over her life, Kally spends her days repairing old clocks. On her sixteenth birthday when Kally quietly repairs a clock and waits for the ruling on who she will marry, she is suddenly transported back in time to 1750 Scotland. A land that is completely unlike the world she came from.

Kally’s entire life has been spent repairing time and now that she’s trapped in it, she finds that she has more of it than she ever imagined.

In a world where freedom has no bounds, time takes on a whole new meaning. In her own time, Kally had resolved to remain poor and unmarried rather than follow the government’s design for her, but in 1750 she finds herself able to live and love freely.

And - here's more, a note to my readers -

Dear Readers,

CLOCKWORK is a reissue (rework, fixing of inconsistencies and errors) of a book I published under a pseudonym. The title of the book was SNEAKS.

I wrote the story few years ago, which in self-publishing terms is similar to the dark ages. I threw it up on web sites and kind of forgot about it. I never promoted it. However, over time I received a few emails telling me that readers liked the story, the romance, but they weren’t happy with some of the issues with the formatting, the editing and the consistency. Honestly, I was just busy enough to think it didn’t matter much because not many would sell anyway. This was a terribly misguided attitude. I apologize.

Then not too long ago, I got a bunch of emails in one week complaining about the above mentioned issues. I was in a big enough lull in my contracted writing that I opened the file, And just about cried. I should have given this manuscript attention long ago. I was thoroughly embarrassed by what I’d put out in the world. So, I discussed things with my agent, got an editor, retitled it, and got to work. It’s also been professionally formatted.

I’m very proud of it now.

It’s a young adult time-travel romance, and it’s only available in e-book format. If you enjoy those sorts of stories, I hope you’ll give this one a try.

As always – thank you for all your amazing support of my books.