Monday, November 23, 2009


About this time of year, it begins to get dark waaay too early for my tastes. Fortunately, my office has two windows that let in wonderful sunshine during the day -- or at least light if it's cloudy or snowing. I usually don't finish working until early evening, and somewhere along the way I close the blinds to the darkness. But this year they might not be closed as much. Across the street and out one of my windows, some very festive neighbors have decorated their house. I can't bring myself to close the blinds to the bright holiday lights. I even played Christmas music this evening. I've included a picture, but it doesn't do the scene justice. You can't really make out the lights at the bottom and slightly to the right of the middle. Those lights that look like they're in a wolf shape actually create a polar bear and make me think of winter and Coca-Cola commercials. Yep, the blinds will definitely be open -- at least through December. I wonder if they'd be kind enough to do something in January and February to keep me entertained?

Happy Holidays and because I think it's gets forgotten way too often, a special Happy Thanksgiving to all.