Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello, first post.

Aren't farmer's markets wonderful? Fresh food, fresh flowers, original and creative ideas . . . so many fabulous local products. But, really, it's the people who work at the markets that make the entire experience delightful. I am fascinated by farmer's market vendors. They are hard-working, friendly, and are so connected to what they sell that it's difficult not to call them by what they do -- the tomato lady, the corn guy, the jewelry family.

Selling products that you grow or create is something that has been around forever. It is a way of life/business that has endured since the beginning of time. In this day and age of big corporations and technological advancement, I salute all of you who work the land, grow and harvest crops, or spend your creative energies to make your products. You are the connection to the earth -- the basics -- that many of us strive for. We find that connection in your passion. Thank you.

Bailey's Farmer's Market in South Carolina is only found in my books. Though I've been to plenty markets and spent some time in Myrtle Beach, I'm sure I've stretched reality so far that some market vendors and South Carolinians might wonder just where I get the stuff I write about. It's all in my head. I promise that all mistakes are mine only. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to continue to write about Bailey's vendors for a long time.

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