Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lemon and Garlic - Really?

Page 198 - Fusilli with Lemon Zest & Ricotta

I chose this recipe because I was intrigued by the ingredient combination: lemon, garlic, heavy cream and ricotta cheese. Mostly, I was interested in how the lemon and garlic would work together. They worked fine; in fact the lemon overpowered all of the other flavors in the dish, but not in a bad way.

This was another "this needs more salt" recipe, but it was easy to add. This time I did question whether or not the recipe was lacking salt or if we have become used to consuming too much. I decided it's probably a little of both. That was kind of eye-opening and made me realize I should pay better attention to how much we truly add to things.

It was good, not great in my opinion but good. We had it with steak and I think it would have been better with chicken or fish.

I give it a "3" but it might have gotten a better rating if we'd had it with something other than red meat.


  1. MMMM.. I love lemon and garlic together and with Pasta...oh yeah!

  2. Sometimes adding more salt to the pasta water will do the trick. I love the food and recipes you feature here. It makes visiting a pleasure. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Thanks, Mary!

    That's exactly what I'll do next time I make it! I hope you're having a great day, too.