Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Down Set Hike

I was talking to my dad about how happy I was that my son made it through football season with only a cut that required five stitches. Last year was a broken arm. Years before he's had painful sprains, tendon tears, etc. It's a brutal sport but my son loves playing it -- he loves all sports.

My dad is a football coach and played the sport himself. As I was telling him about how happy I was about the stitches under son's chin, he started talking about how he played before there were face masks. They started adding them to helmets when Dad was a freshman at Michigan State. The first day he wore one, another player hit him just right, ripped off the face mask and broke his nose -- a nose that had been broken a number of times before, because of playing without a face mask. As Dad sat in the hospital with blood from end to end, the coach stopped by and asked how he was doing. Dad said he was fine. The coach said, "Okay, then we'll see you tomorrow at practice."

You can imagine, but by the end of the conversation I was even happier about the stitches as well as the addition of face masks.


  1. Logan only plays soccer for now, But he keeps telling me he wants to play flag football next year and hockey. Sorry son, you will NEVER play hockey...LOL. I know next comes real football, afterall we do live in Boise! ( hee hee ) I am glad that the nephew only had to have stitches, and that you guys have good insurance.

  2. Well, there is a lot of padding for hockey! I really don't want to interfere, but your kid has some amazing hand-eye coordination. He should play sports. Soccer's good, but any consideration for baseball?
    Just sayin'


  3. I am really NOT looking forward to the day that Ian wants to start playing contact sports! But if the strength in which he uses when playing with us is any indication, I guess I should be more worried about his opponents!=)

  4. I'm always worried, Shelly, but our pediatrician had a good point. She said she'd rather see kids out playing contact sports than spending time sitting around doing nothing or playing video games.

    I know right now that Ian will want to play sports. You can already see his coordination and quickness.

    Hope you are well!