Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things to Give Away

UPDATE: All the ARCs have found homes, but I still have lots of bookmarks. Thank you all!
FRUIT OF ALL EVIL publishes March 1. As of today, I have both bookmarks and ARCs (advanced review copies).

If I have your address, you'll be receiving bookmarks. If you'd like a few and I don't have your address, just email me and I'd be happy to send them along. This is a transparent ploy to continue to build my mailing list, but I promise to only send fun stuff. And, I would never share your address.

The ARCs - I have ten, but I might end up with a few more. They're copies of the book but they don't have the final round of corrections - there will be some missing punctuation and I probably changed a few words here and there or added or deleted some sentences, but the story is well in place. Also, ARCs don't have the real cover. I'd love to send these out too, but I need to send them to people who are willing to review the book and then post the review on Amazon or BN or a blog, or all three (even better)! Of course, I'm hoping for good or amazing-fantastic-superdee-duper reviews but I don't want you to lie. So, if you didn't like FARM FRESH MURDER, chances are pretty good that you won't like FRUIT. You probably won't want an ARC. If you liked FFM, you might like FRUIT.

Let me know. Here's my email:

Thanks in advance!

Happy New Year!

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