Friday, March 25, 2011

The Good, The Sad, and The Kind of Disgusting

First, The Good:

When FARM FRESH MURDER published last year, I had no idea what I was doing. Of course, my friends and family knew about the book, but that was about it. In fact, when my agent sent me some of the ARCs she’d received with a note that said something like: You can probably use these, I thought - I can? How?

Once the book was released, I didn’t know what to expect. Nothing, it seems, is what you expect, though, so I tried to just go with the flow and learn how to be prepared the next time around. I’m not sure I did anything much better when FRUIT OF ALL EVIL published, but I know I had a little wider audience to talk to - and that’s because of one of those unexpected things. When FFM began to be read, I began to receive emails, and Facebook messages, and Facebook posts . . . I did get one particularly hateful email, but I’d rather talk about the good ones, the kind ones, the people who “got” my writing and wanted to let me know.

In preparing for the release of FRUIT, I sent out bookmarks and emails, I had a contest, I talked, talked, talked about it all the time. I’ve become friends with some readers (I’m not sure I can express how awesome this part is), so I got in touch with them. I guest-blogged. Anyway, I’m still not sure I know what I’m doing, but maybe I’m getting a little closer to understanding at least part of the process.

I also hope I have thanked everyone for their kindness and support. It’s been so crazy, particularly the first week of the release, that I feel like I might have let a “thank-you” or two slip through the cracks. I hope I haven’t. Thank you, all. Really, truly, thank you.

The Kind of Disgusting:
I’m going under the knife on Monday. I have a ganglion cyst on my left hand/wrist. It’s a pretty common thing. Here’s a picture:

Ick, huh? Internet pictures of these cysts being removed are really quite disgusting.

It’s kind of an elective surgery. They’re benign cysts, so they don’t have to be removed. I’ve been dealing with this one for a couple years, adamantly opposed to the surgery even though it’s about as minor a surgery as you can get. However, the cyst has recently become so large that it is affecting my movement, my work. It’s coming out. I’ll be in a splint for a week, but no big deal. My fingers will be numb the first day, but I should, hopefully, be able to get back to work on Tuesday. It’s an inconvenience. I hear carpal tunnel surgery is a lot worse.

Finally, The Sad

Okay, I haven’t talked about this at all. In fact, I haven’t even shared it with most of my family because it’s just so heartbreaking. I find it difficult to even write about. But I could use some good thoughts, though, so . . .

As the universe sometimes does, bad can come with the good. March 1 - FRUIT’s release day as well as the day I received some horrible news. My little dog and writing companion is sick, really sick. The prognosis is not good. We’re attempting some treatment, but we won’t put her through anything that makes her miserable. I do believe in the power of positive thought. Please, if you could, send some positive healing thoughts her direction. Her name is Gizmo. Miracles happen all the time. I’m hoping this is one of those times. Thank you.

Okay, let's not end on such a sad note.

Recently, people have been asking me for book recommendations. I read many, many books. I'm not a speed reader but sometimes I can fit in five books a week. Other times, though, only one or two. Rarely, does a week pass when I don't read at least one, but it happens. I know some of you read much more than I do - I'm blown away by some of the reading lists I've recently seen. I thought I'd post books I've recently enjoyed as part of my Friday updates. Let me know if you've read anything similar, and have your own recommendations.

NEVER TELL A LIE by Hallie Ephron. This was a fast-paced thriller/mystery. Ms. Ephron's writing style is clean and I found it compelling. I'd just finished a pretty "heavy" (lots of big words) book when I started this one. It was good timing.

SNEAKS by B. Button. This was my "buy an ebook week" ebook. It was $2.99 on Amazon. I think has it too. This is a young adult time-travel romance. It wasn't as dark as some YAs I've recently read. There's a little dystopia going on but not much -I like dystopia, don't get me wrong, but it was a nice break from all that. Diana Gabaldon hooked me on all things Scotland. This is much different than Gabaldon, but I'm pleased I read it.

I'm in the middle of one I'm loving. I'll post about it next week if it ends as well as it has begun.

On that note, may your week have more good stuff than bad stuff.



  1. Omgoodness Paige, Not Giz! I am so so sorry! I am sending good and positive thoughts that way. Please give Gizmo some love and snuggles from the Ferrells up north. Love you guys!

  2. Here's sending good thoughts Gizmo's way:) I truly hope she recovers from whatever problems she is having.

  3. Thank you, Astrid and Ann!


  4. Sending good thoughts and hugs and loves to Gizmo, and some good thoughts and hugs and loves to you. Love you, Paige!

  5. Oh my gosh! I'm just now getting online after hosting a surprise guest who spent a couple of days with us- and enjoyed meeting Tyler in Chinese class yesterday. But I digress... What is wrong with Gizmo? I can't imagine! She's just a baby. Sending love, prayers, good Karma, and all things positive and lovely your way.


  6. Thank you, Sabrina. Love you too!

  7. Thank you, Jacquelyn. Yes, she's only 4, so it's pretty aggressive. It's cancer.

    I'll ask Tyler about your guest. I might actually get to spend some time with him this weekend. Busy teenagers.

  8. Paige,

    Very sorry to hear about Gizmo. Sending lots of positive healing thoughts her way. My writing companion is sleeping in my lap as I write to you and he also hope Gizmo gets better and that your surgery goes smoothly. We're both selfish and want you typing away on the next FFM mystery! :)

    I think you did an amazing job marketing the book. And writing it--we absolutely loved it!

  9. Thank you, Kourtney. These silly animals jump right into our hearts, don't they.

  10. Thoughts and prayers that Gizmo gets better. Thoughts for you on Monday also.

    In regards to books I recentely read:

    Magic Hour by Kristina Hannah- very interesting story and loved the characters.

    The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf- told from different view points, very good.

    A Curtain Falls by Stefanie Pintoff- loved this book. It is set in New York in 1904.

    Jill B.

  11. Thank you, Jill. And thank for the book rec's too. They all sound ingriguing, but I think A Curtain Falls sounds like something I'd really enjoy. I'll check them all out.