Friday, August 12, 2011

More Ice Cream, Please

This is both my facebook status and blog update for the day:

I did a little short distance traveling this week and these are the things I learned: It seems that cell phones work *everywhere* now, even in the middle of nowhere; I LOVE Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream - so much so that I dreamt about it two nights in a row; and, I'm afraid to see THE HELP movie because I think it will ruin the book, which I happen to LOVE, but not as much as Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream. Have a great weekend!

The only addition I'd like to make is this - I read a paperback this week. It wasn't a very good book, just something I picked up on the road because I forgot my Nook. It was fun to hold and read. I do enjoy the Nook, but there really is nothing like holding a book. Sigh. I'm already becoming nostalgic for the "old days" and they're not even old yet.

Have a great week!


  1. Movies based on books usually disappoint me. There are three times that I enjoyed both book and movie: 1. The Outsiders(pretty much followed the book, and great cast.) 2. A Walk to Remember (although movie didn't really follow book was just as good.) 3. That was Then This is Now (again didn't really follow book but I really enjoyed the movie.)


  2. Hi Jill - yes, The Outsiders was fabulous! Excellent script, excellent cast. Loved it. I haven't seen the other two. I saw a few more scenes from The Help (movie) and I'm warming to the idea of seeing it, but not there yet. Did you read the book?


  3. Yes I read the book. It was very good.

  4. I'm getting excited to read Crops and Robbers. I am impressed at how fast this series is becoming available to us readers. :)

  5. Thanks, Lisa! I'm getting excited too. :-)