Friday, November 4, 2011

Still Not Done

So, I'm still working on a manuscript that is past due. Fortunately, the book doesn't publish until next December so my editor is being wonderfully patient.

I'm not having trouble with the story. In fact, the opposite happened.

I am incapable of writing and then working from an outline. I literally go blank when I attempt to create an outline of a story that hasn't been written yet. As a result, I spend a good amount of writing time figuring out where to put everything. At some point, something clicks and it all becomes clear in my head. That point usually happens at about page 150 or so, which is what happened with this manuscript, and I was good to go. I went back and layered in what needed layered in. But then something clicked again at about page 240 (the manuscript was almost done at this point). I could have ignored it - but not really. I couldn't ignore something I thought would make the book better. I wouldn't have ever slept again. Of course, this new development calls for lots more layering which takes more time than I ever think it will.

So, other than son's football game this afternoon and fitting in the movie "Anonymous," I'll be working all weekend, but I'm really enjoying where this story's taking me. Have a great week!



  1. Well, if you're going to have a problem with your writing, that's kind of a fun one to have.

  2. I recieved my bookmarks in the mail. I am pretty excited!