Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Curious Case of Benjamin Bug (Contest!)

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Bug"

It seems that Benjamin Bug has gone missing. Rumor has it that he was last seen in the backyard of mystery writer, Paige Shelton. Investigators have scoured the area, but to no avail. All in the bug community suspect that Benjamin met with foul play, but without a body nothing can be proved.

The picture below should help investigators figure out what happened to poor Benjamin, but they need a little help. It is suspected that he was brutally smushed between the pages of a manuscript that Shelton was proofreading on her back patio, but exactly where within the pages to find him is the rub.

Help the investigators by finding the correct page number. You’ll be doing good work for all bug-kind. And you could win prizes!

Contest details:

Find the page number in IF FRIED CHICKEN COULD FLY (publish date: January 3) where Benjamin’s body was last seen – the page he's on in the picture below. (Hint: the location is pretty close to the beginning of the book. You could look at the book itself or at the online ‘sample' You shouldn’t have to buy the book to find the right spot.)

How to Enter:

Between January 2 and January 9, email your name and the page number to:

Your email should say something like this:
It’s page ## in the paperback version (or whatever version you look at)and then your name. The online chapter is tricky because there aren't page numbers so how about this for an extra clue: It's a page number in between 12 and 14, and is, in this case, lucky.

I’ll send you a confirmation email that you’ve been entered into the drawings.

Two $20 bookstore gift certificates (I'll draw for these first)
NEWLY ADDED prizes: Two copies of CROPS AND ROBBERS (or bookstore gift certificates, since some who enter will have already read CROPS)

Grand Prize: Laptop: HP model 2000-239DX

I got it at Best Buy. It’s still in the box. I’ll pack it in another box with lots of padding to ship it to the winner, and I’ll include the receipt. I think there are Best Buys everywhere, but I’m not sure.

Here's the picture of poor Benjamin:

Entries will be accepted until January 9. Drawing on January 10.

Good luck!

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