Friday, June 22, 2012

A New Kind of Vampire

I read the cutest book, and I just have to share.

CONFESSIONS OF AN AVERAGE HALF-VAMPIRE by Lisa Shafer surprised and delighted me.

It's written for a middle school/jr. high audience, but I enjoyed every second of it. Eric, the half-vampire, is a very appealing character. I'm not good at writing reviews, but here's what I emailed to Lisa:

Well, I just loved your book. It is cute, sweet, fun, touching with just the right amount of scary. I wondered how you’d be able to add vampire behavior and still keep it age appropriate – you did a great job! I see how it’s directed to a younger audience but I thoroughly enjoyed it – you didn’t “talk down” to either kids or adults.

I'm posting a link to the Kindle version, but there's also a paperback version available Check it out.

Click here.