Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slow Down!

I know, I know, everyone tells you that your kids will grow up quickly. If you pay attention, you might hear someone say it at least once a day.

But, seriously, there is nothing anyone can say or share that can prepare you for the truth - "quickly" doesn't even begin to explain what happens. One day, a flood of memories will hit you at once: Feeding him at 2:00 in the morning and wondering when he'll be able to get his own Pop Tarts. Chasing him in the doctor's office and wondering why you really wanted him to start walking in the first place. Watching his kindergarten graduation and wondering if he really will be good at math like the young, new teacher said he would be. Watching him smile when the eye doctor says, "Not only do you not have to wear an eye patch any longer, you don't even need glasses." Wondering if he'll even remember not being invited to that boy's birthday party (he won't, by the way). Wondering when he'll finally be too big to run and jump into your arms. Thinking that it's impossible that he's going into Jr. High. One day, looking up to talk to him instead of looking down. Watching him shave. So many others . . . and these memories will hit you often, but my big moment this year was as I watched him drive down the street headed to school - on the first morning I didn't follow close behind.

My kid finished 10th grade this week, which, to me, just means that I've only got two more full good years with him in my house. That is, unless I can convince him that he and whoever he marries should live in my basement. Trust me, I'm going to try.

No new books this week. Hopefully, something next time. Happy Reading!



  1. My daughter left for college in '03 but came home for holidays and the summer to work. When we left her for the first time, I cried for 30 miles.

    When she went to get her Master's, she was still close enough to come home for holidays and maybe a week during the summer.

    Now she is 3000 miles away and can only get back when Mom & Dad pay for her airplane ticket, lol. It has been hard, even after 8 years of her not being home very much. She came home for Christmas last year; it was the first time I had seen her in 18 months. I could barely talk to her on the drive home from the airport.

    Where do the years go? :-)

    Pam Purtle

  2. Hi, Pam -

    The years fly by way too quickly. I bet your daughter is a terrific young woman.

    I suspect SKYPE and I will become very close!

    Sending empathy mom hugs.