Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hawaii Market

Following is a link (well, an address to copy and paste at least) to a video about a market in Hilo, on the big island of Hawaii. I am continually reminded that it is the market vendors who make them so spectacular. You will find this fascinating.



  1. This is a good choice! It's one of the best markets in Hawaii. Since I live on Kauai I can't get there often. The best day to visit this market is Wednesday or Saturday. On my last trip to Big Island I found a wonderful Saturday Market at Kamuela/Waimea.

    On another topic, my copy of Farm Fresh Murder just arrived last week!

    Aloha from Rob
    @Books Are Like Candy Corn

  2. Hi Rob -- First, thank you for getting the book! Much appreciated.

    Kauai must be a fabulous place to live. I imagine you have access to lots of fresh food. The market in Hilo fascinates me, but all markets (famers' and grocery) on all the islands probably carry similar items. What a great place to live!

    Again, thanks Rob. Aloha.