Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wow, so much information on this site. I had no idea there was an Alpaca farm (ranch?) so close to where I live.

Click on the map on the homepage and you're sure to find lots of farms or markets close to home.

The site also sells seeds. I'm ordering some of these, just because I've never heard of them:

What would summer lunches and salads be without the refreshing crunch of cucumbers? The lemon cucumber offers a unique, pleasingly mild lemony tang to this old favorite vegetable!

Beautiful and fragrant, this cucumber has flown off our stand at Farmers Market.

We have also found it easy to grow, and even novice gardeners who bought starts from us this spring have reported great success. Very prolific as well!

25 seeds per packet.

65 days to maturity.

end quote

I'm probably a little late, but I'm curious enough to give them a try.

Anyone else planting something new and/or different?


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