Monday, September 13, 2010

Wild . . . Rice

On page 168 of the cookbook: Wild Rice & Mushroom Pilaf

This was another easy recipe. Leeks, mushrooms, parsley and wild rice. And, it was another tasty recipe. My husband isn't a big eater -- he definitely eats to live, not lives to eat -- but he loved this so much that he pulled out the leftover portion and ate it later that night.

I love fresh mushrooms, almost any that are edible (of course), and I really dislike the canned version. This recipe calls for fresh mushrooms (I would have used them anyway if it didn't), but I think I will add even more than the recipe calls for the next time I make it. The wild rice takes over the dish, and though it's yummy, I'd like to see what more mushrooms and perhaps more leeks do to the flavor.

Just for the fact that my hubby liked it so much = 5


  1. I'm a total mushroom lover!!! Richard...not so much!

  2. You could eat around the mushrooms in this dish, and the rice is yummy!

    Thanks, Sabrina!