Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chapter Six - Spread the Love

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Chapter Six

"Milton, how are you?" Cece asked. She peered around his shoulder at Shannon and Carolyn.

I stepped next to Milton to help hide the scene behind us. Cece glanced at me with a hesitant smile. I didn't do much to block the view, and I was close enough to Milton to make anyone wonder about our relationship. Fortunately, Milton didn't flinch, but seemed to be okay with the maneuver.

"Fine, we're all good around here, Cece. How about you?" Milton said.

"I'm great." She took a step to her right. "I'm here to pick something up from Carolyn."

As though Milton and I had planned it, we moved together and in sync a step to our left. Once again, we were blocking the way. Sort of.

Cece laughed. "Are you new to Cisco?" she asked me as she put her hands in her pockets resigning herself to the fact that we were going to stay in her way.

"I'm visiting from South Carolina. I'm Becca Robins. I work at a farmers' market in Monson."

"Cece Gonzales," she said. She was tall and dark and stunning but not like my sister, Allison. Cece's features weren't fine, but strong and bold. They might not be considered attractive by themselves, but combined they made a gorgeous woman. "I've been to Myrtle Beach and thought it was terrific, but I've never traveled further into the state."

"It's beautiful. We'd love to have you visit again," I said, sounding like a tourist council commercial. I cleared my throat.

Cece nodded and then focused on something to her left. "What's that all about, Milton?"

Again, like we were attached, Milton and I glanced to the area Cece had indicated.

She took the opportunity to scurry around us. By the time we'd figured out what she'd done, she was next the stall's front display table. She looked at me with raised eyebrows and a smile.

I kind of wanted to give her a high five.

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