Monday, February 14, 2011

Spread the Love - Questions

UPDATE: Five gift certificate winners have been chosen! Thank you!

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Number your answers 1 - 10. Just write answers. No need to repeat questions.

Ten Questions

1. Who sells onions at Bailey's Farmers' Market?

2. What color are Milton's eyes?

3. What did Shannon use to communicate with her vendors before she had a cell phone?

4. When Milton and Becca are hurrying through the market, which types of artwork does Becca notice?

5. How much money did Cece make with her Internet company? (This is kind of a trick question, but you'll get it.)

6. When Milton and Becca were standing right beside each other, they seemingly took a synchronized step. To which direction?

7. The middle-aged woman didn't win the vote. If she'd made it into the story, what would she have sold?

8. What color and kind were the buttons on the matching coats?

9. What's Officer Alice Dayton's nickname?

10. What is the title of the second book in the Farmers' Market Mystery Series by Paige Shelton?

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