Friday, September 30, 2011


I've spent this week finishing up the second book of the Country Cooking School Series, IF MASHED POTATOES COULD DANCE. I'll put a final spit shine on it today and send it away.

Manuscripts travel back and forth between me and my editor a few times, but it's always this first time I send it in that feels funny; I'm excited that it's done, but anxious that maybe I've written something atrocious and I'll have to rewrite the entire thing, and I'm also a little sad. I spend so much time with the characters that when they leave, I miss them a little.

The recipes in this one are:
Mashed Potatoes (the way my grandmother made them, which is now called whipped)
Twice Baked Potatoes
Funeral Potatoes
Skillet Potatoes
Sweet Potato Pie (with an egg and marshmallow meringue)

It's always fun to taste-test the recipes.

Hope you have a great week.



  1. Yea for funeral potatoes!!!
    But are they called that anywhere else besides Utah?

    I don't know how on earth you keep up with 2 series at the same time. Wow. Just wow.

  2. Hi, Lisa - I do think funeral potatoes are a Utah name thing, but I'm spreading the word. The name fits perfectly with the story.

    And, let's see. I thought I'd have the manuscript turned in by noon, but my shine and polish needed more attention than I thought. I took a few hours off this evening for my son's football game, but it's now 2:10 AM and I'm finally done. I love being able to do this. I'm not complaining. It does take lots and lots of hours.

    Hope all is well.