Monday, October 10, 2011

One Tree

I've always wanted to do something. I thought about starting another blog, but I like having just one. So starting today I'm going to document a year in the life of one tree, a huge tree that's on the border of my and my neighbor's backyards. I love this tree. It brings me enormous enjoyment in the summer as it becomes the home to many birds, hummingbirds included. I love watching it change through the seasons. It's also an old tree, and I wonder how much longer it will be around.

Here's the first picture, taken today, October 10, 2011, at noon. It's a beautiful day in Salt Lake City. Sunny, 55 degrees.

There're only a few small patches of yellow leaves but they're beginning to fall off quickly. Normally, by the time they fall they are all yellow. I hope they make it this year.

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