Saturday, July 17, 2010


Want to win a Farmers' Market cookbook? This one to be exact:

How to enter: Just follow my blog (click on the 'follow this blog' icon and make sure you show up in the list of followers). You'll get one entry per week that you participate. I'll tally every Sunday. The ten lovely and patient people who've been following it already will start off with five entries.

Why it might be entertaining: Starting July 25, I'll be cooking from my copy of the above mentioned cookbook. I'll comment on the recipes -- how they taste and how easy or difficult they are. The recipes look delicious. Plus, I adore shopping at my farmers' market and I need more ideas of things to do with all the yummy and fresh food. I probably won't post every day, but plan on at least four posts per week.

The Salt Lake City market is open until October 16, so I'll do a random drawing some time later that week; date to be determined.

I'll probably throw in a copy of FARM FRESH MURDER, too, but really this is about the cookbook. I'm excited to begin.



  1. oooooooo Excited!! I can not wait to see your blogs on the recipes. one of my favorite things to do is read recipes!!! Looking forward to it!