Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter Five - Spread the Love

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Chapter Five

I could only imagine the panic Carolyn felt. Other than my farm, I didn't think I'd ever owned an item that was worth $25,000, let alone lost one. Even my old truck wasn't worth all that much.

"Who is she?" I asked Milton.

"Cece Gonzales. Everyone in San Francisco knows her. She started her own Internet company ten years ago and made barrels of money. She gives lots of it away, but I doubt she'll look at this situation as a worthwhile donation."

"What should we do?" I had the urge stop the woman walking toward us. She was tall, dark and stunning. She carried herself with authority and power, but that protect-other-farmers'-market vendors part of me wanted to trip her to keep her from making it to Carolyn's stall. Maybe they could find the pendant if they only had a few extra minutes. It was unreasonable, of course, to think of such things but I couldn't help it. I wanted to do something.

When Milton stepped forward, I thought he might have the same idea, but he didn't trip anyone.

"Cece, so good to see you," he said.

"Milton . . ." she began

More Contest Details:

February 14: Still the day to pre-order the book to be eligible to win the iPad. Send me your invoice/confirmation email (fruitcontest@gmail.com). I'll probably do the drawing on the 16th so everyone has a couple days to get me their emails. I won't do it sooner than the 16th, but I've received some logistical questions that make me think there might be a chance I'll do it after the 16th. I'll let you know, of course.

February 14: I will also post the ten questions on the 14th. I will post the questions on this blog. The first five who answer the questions correctly ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE will each win a $20 bookstore gift certificate and then one of those winners will win the e-reader. NOTE: I'll do that drawing the same time I do the iPad drawing - on the 16th or shortly thereafter.

Okay, I've been thinking about what time to post the questions and I've decided that they'll go up on this blog 1:00pm EST and 10:00am PST. The great news for me is that the blog is getting a bunch of attention from both coasts (thank you). This seems like a good time to give everyone as fair a chance as possible.

Thank you all!