Monday, August 2, 2010

Plum Pie

I'm cheating today.

My laptop is either dead or very sick, so I'm using an old laptop that we were smart enough to keep. Putting pictures onto this old laptop isn't as easy as it is on my newer, faster (though still a couple years old) one, so I'm not including pictures. I'm just going to direct you to a recipe I found that is mouth-watering yummy. Plum Pie!

I keep trying to add the link, but it keeps redirecting after it's clicked on once. So copy and paste this to your browser.

- You'll see there's a picture included with the recipe. I don't think it's the correct picture.

- I used a ready-made, refrigerated pie crust and a round pie pan. I had no idea what they meant by pastry shell.

- I used five cups of sliced plums, not four.

- Cutting in butter is a pain in the . . . neck, but I did it mostly by using my fingers and pinching, not by kneading like my grandmother used to do.

Okay, other than the above issues, this was absolutely and positively one of the best pies I have ever tasted. It is sweet, but it is more tart than sweet. I typically don't like tart, but this pie was good enough to convert my taste buds!

4-5 stars.



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